Everywhere you look you see chunky trainers.

So it started going mad last year but it seems to be here to stay, everywhere you look you see chunky trainers,  Balenciaga, Vetements, Louis Vuitton and Yeezy, Alexander McQueen, but also at Nike, Fila, Adidas, Reebok and now all over the high street, the more sleek, elegant, lighter Stan Smith types are being pushed aside for oversized trainers that once you only saw on the cross trainer and definitely not on the front row of a fashion show.

It’s a fashion fact that trainers are now an essential element in every style-savvy woman’s wardrobe, with the right pair defining a signature look. Super models, bloggers and fashionistas everywhere have jumped on the ‘Dad’ trainer bandwagon, pairing them with everything from oversized tailoring to Mom jeans and mini dresses, what do you think of them ? Would you wear them? I’m an avid fan of trainers, easily worn with everything, perfect for when I travel as I can mix and match them with quite a few outfits making my luggage lighter, but the chunky ones I have had trouble getting my head around. It may be that when I’ve tried them on with my skinny chicken legs they made my feet look huge (and I’m only a size 4 to 5). But they look like they are here to stay for a while.

The oversized style of the chunky trainer is certainly reminiscent of ‘90s sportswear (I remember them well)  but due to the chunky, spongy soles, they are being likened more to something your Dad or Grandpa would have worn during the decade, my dad most certainly had a few pairs. I have tried many pairs since last spring and have found two I love, firstly the Balenciaga’s and secondly the Alexander McQueen’s. If you’re prepared to embrace the chunky shoe and are ready to step into a world of comfort you have to try them, they are really like walking on air. They give you that extra inch in height which is always good if you are like me and only 5 foot 6, and they really are more comfortable than the normal low trainer I find. I went for the Alexander McQueen’s as I felt they were a little more classic and with the plain white leather I could wear them with everything, but don’t get me wrong my trusty Stan Smiths will still play a huge part in my everyday wardrobe along side my new mega comfy chunky trainer.