Can you still wear Stan Smith trainers at 50? What really annoys be about reaching fifty is people feel they can judge me….. What I wear is up to me, I have my own individual style….Who said I’m too old for a pair of Stan Smiths ? I have actually got 4 pairs. I have a pet hate for women trying to dress as society expects them to, I may be fifty but I don’t have to shop where magazines suggest I should. I love my classics, I’ve a few staple pieces which I mix with high-street and they come out time after time.

I’m passionate that we should all express ourselves and that we all have our own style, fashion is all about experimenting with high street and designer labels and putting your own little twist on it, so go on create your own style and start a trend.

I must say I do try and look at my body and see its flaws and god I have loads and they are growing by the day, what makes it worse is I have a beautiful daughter the lovely @carlietasker and she gets more beautiful everyday and I am getting older, I do accept getting older and try to embrace it, but we would all be lying if we didn’t wish we had the body we had 20 years ago, less wrinkles, 1 or 2 chins, and my butt nearer to my back than my knees. Talking about my knees…..Oh these are an issue for me at the moment they have all of a sudden become so wrinkly and old, this may be because I have just got a new pair of glasses and maybe I have seen them as they have been for the last year, who knows but they are not looking great at all, so I do try to cover them as much as I can. I digress back to the Stan’s. I wear my Stan’s at least 3 times a week and I really feel they can be worn with most thing, dresses, Jeans and before the new glasses jean short’s !!!!

I recently  went out for a meal to a local Indian restaurant with my lovely hubby, my bestie and her other half,  a very casual affair. I had brought a nice trouser and blazer combo that I was dying to wear, I teamed it with a grey M&S T-shirt and went straight for my trusty Stan’s, grabbed my vintage Chanel camera bag which I have had for 30 years and I was done.

Old faithful Stan Smith's

I always feel more comfortable dressing an outfit down (its the tom boy in me)  there are some amazing trouser suits out there perfect for a night out with a crisp white T and a pair of old faithfuls. So follow your heart and wear what you feel good in, after all if you feel good you tend to walk tall.