What is the perfect plane outfit?

It’s that time again, I need to plan my outfit for my next trip on a plane. You always see photos of celebrities arriving at the airport looking effortlessly chic, but how do us real girls do it? There are always a few things to consider when choosing the perfect plane outfit.

How long is your flight? If you’ll be on a plane for any longer than eight hours, you might wear something completely different, than you would for a short flight.

What time is your flight? Can you check in straight away to your hotel? Will you be exploring your destination upon arrival or will you want to change or even sleep on the flight? These are all questions you should ask yourself.

Luckily if you choose the right outfit you can look and feel smart and fresh when you arrive.

The Differences in a Perfect Plane outfit between Short Haul and Long Haul

As I said before, the length of your flight can play a role in choosing the perfect plane outfit. For short haul flights where I know I will immediately be getting off the plane and sightseeing, I like to choose an outfit that is cute and comfortable. For example, on a flight to Italy last summer, I wore a nice white V-neck t-shirt with a navy Chanel blazer with a ‘below the knee’ Reiss skirt. I always carry a cashmere pashmina, you can get lightweight ones that fold up in your handbag, perfect for keeping my legs warm on the flight. Once I got there, I was able to wear my blazer in the morning when it was chilly and fold it up to put in my bag once the sun came out.

On long hauls, however, my standby plane outfit is different, I tend to dress smarter, wearing exactly what I wish. I take a comfortable lounge suit to change into and a pair of cashmere socks. I wait till we take off then I change, I love to sleep on a long flight and remove any make-up I have on, put my hair up and chill, I arrive feeling clean and not creased.

What to Avoid for the Perfect Plane Outfit

Keep comfortable and prevent yourself from falling victim to discomfort, there’s one thing looking chic but another sitting on a long flight wriggling and readjusting yourself trying to get yourself comfortable. Jeans stretch or baggy are a no go as far as I’m concerned.

Perfect Outfit for a Long Haul Flight

Find clothing that’s comfortable but looks good, like a pair of cotton stretch, black, cropped trousers, jeggings or leggings.

Don’t overthink it. There’s nothing wrong with basics, like a simple grey sweater or white t-shirt. Use layers to make more room in your suitcase and to keep you warm in the plane’s recycled air. Trousers should be loose enough to give your legs room to swell from altitude. Leggings are a good choice and if all else fails, go with black.

Shoes to Compliment the Perfect Plane Outfit

You should consider your shoes when choosing your plane outfit, my feet swell regularly, the amount of times over the years I have struggled to get my shoes or boots back on. Wear shoes that slip on and off easily to get you through the security line with ease.

I recommend shoes that both look good and feel good. I swear by my Stan Smiths they are easy to put on and off and are perfect with cut down shorts when exploring and taking a walk on your trip. You also can’t beat the comfort factor of Uggs, which make you feel like you’re wearing bedroom slippers.

Accessories to finish the Perfect Plane Outfit

As you have most probably heard before, accessories take an outfit from “drab to fab.” A scarf or pashmina is an essential aeroplane item, keeping you warm and making it able to bundle into a pillow. If you’re bringing a hat on your trip, you’ll want to wear it on the plane to keep it from getting flattened. And top off every look with key jewellery pieces, but remember they will most probably have to come off to get through security!

Must have bag

I always take a large tote bag on the plane with me, I like to keep everything at hand I may need, headphones, water face spray, lip balm, magazines, laptop, moisturiser and of course my passport.

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