So night two of our latest visit to Marrakech and we were invited to dinner at PedeNero and what a treat it was.

This restaurant offers Moroccan and Italian cuisine, Khalid the head chef’s dishes follow two different roads, exploring ingredients, traditions and seasons. the first Il Bel Paese has a selection of Italian dishes of Pepe Nero and secondly La Ville Rouge is a journey to discover the essence of the great Moroccan cuisine revisited. Pepe Nero is perfect as it is only 5 minutes on foot from Place Jemaa El Fina and you will easily find your way to and from.

PepeNero is situated down a small alley behind a large ornate door, as you walk through it’s as if you have entered a different world, this immaculately presented restaurant has both elegance and charm. There are rooms to book within the riad so the location would be great for both sight seeing and relaxation or if you just want a 5star luxury meal with perfect ambiance and very attentive staff.

Like many restaurants and riads in Marrakech you need to explore because behind the doors are some true gems to be found and this one is one of my most spectacular so far.

We started with the house cocktail which was a mix of champagne, Rose and a secret ingredient which went down far too easily. The wine list is extensive but I must say I love the red Moroccan wine. The food was delightful we had a mixture of starters to sample and followed by a light risotto, with my job sometimes you have no space left but I managed a creme brûlée which the chef had added his own twist, the best creme brûlée I have ever eaten!

I would recommend you certainly try this restaurant it gets a 10 out of 10 from me and is in my top 5 restaurants in Marrakech. I will certainly be returning on my travels again next month ….You never know we may even review the riad so watch this space!