Eve Hattley of ITE takes a short winter break in Monaco

Landing in the afternoon sunshine at Nice was a pleasant suprise after the gloomy February day we left behind at Gatwick. As soon as we cleared customs we checked in at the Helicopter transfer desk and soon found ourselves flying along the coast to Monaco, This was a surreal moment as the sun had now set and the lights below us which shone out across the sea made for a magical view. Monaco is sheltered with mountains all around and only the sea to the south which creates an unusual micro climate. During our stay, three nights, we found that by about 10am the sun had warmed up enough to comfortably stroll around in t-shirts. Jumpers were required though soon after 4pm.

As part of our package not only was the helicopter transfers included but also a book of passes for all the main tourist attractions including: the famous sub-tropical garden, Prince Rene’s car collection and the Royal Palace. Monaco is fairly small and we found that we could visit all reas by foot (buses are available) and when we needed a break we would refresh ourselves at one of the bars around the harbour and dream of the F1 cars wizzing past or chill at a bar on the beach.