While I was away in Tenerife back in September, I was desperate to have a pedicure and I stumbled upon a little nail bar down a small back street. The lovely lady explained what she uses for the dry skin removal and gave me the recipe, so as I could make it where ever I am in the world, whether at home or away. I must say it did leave my feet feeling very soft.

This home made scrub is used to soften your feet with minimal effort. The ingredients used in this scrub are mostly available in our day to day life.


Brown sugar- 2tbsp

Lemon juice- 1tsp

Honey- 1tbsp

Olive oil- 1tbsp

Large bowl filled with warm (not hot) water


Take a bowl and mix well all the ingredients just mentioned above one by one until it forms a thick, sticky, smooth paste and set it aside.

Now, soak your feet in warm water for about 10 to 15 minutes so that your feet are freed from minute dust particles and are clean and smooth.

With feet still in bowl, slather the exfoliating agent over the foot and gently scrub your foot moving your hands in circular motions.

Repeat the same to other foot.

After this rinse off your feet in the bowl to get a smooth and silky feet.

This scrub nourishes the dry skin and removes the dead skin cells under your feet.