Colour Correcting, the make-up technique that will give you a truly flawless finish. Use a little bit under your foundation to even out your skin tone.

From orange to green, you’re forgiven for being more than a little confused by the array of shades on offer and by where you’re meant to put them, here is a quick guide on how they work.

So what is colour correcting?

There are four main colours – green, purple, orange and yellow – these work to disguise flaws on opposing sides of the colour spectrum.

No need to ditch your usual products.

There are times when only a colour correcting product will do!

Whether your issue is spots or sallowness, we all from time to time wake up with a spot, normally I find its before a meeting or a trip and the culprit will being sitting bold as brass on the tip of my nose, I head straight to my concealers but what colour should I use?

Use concealer under your usual products.

Here’s how they work…

Cancels out yellow tones.
It is perfect for skin with a tendency towards sallowness.

Fights redness.
It is most commonly used to combat blemishes, I also use it on my cheeks under my foundation to cancel out red cheeks caused by sun.


Brightens any skin tone.
It adds warmth to the face, great for when you are looking a little grey.

Combats dark or lilac tones. It’s perfect for disguising under-eye circles,this is my daily concealer, I just don’t sleep and have always suffered from dark under-eye circles, applied in tiny amounts this is great and after eye cream of course.

How should we apply them

Use a small amount of colour correcting concealer wherever needed on your face. for example dot green over any spots and yellow under your eyes, before applying your normal foundation or base, using fingers or a make-up brush to blend.

Apply slowly and build up, remember too much concealer can make the area look even worse. Always use a good moisturiser on your face to start, preparation is key.