Winser London collaboration with Stoke Park photo credit @svardhphotography @winserlondon

I started blogging Maxine.Tasker 3 years ago, I’m also travel, fashion and beauty editor for South County Magazine. I was exploring all social media platforms, I already used Facebook and Twitter, Instagram seemed to be how things were moving forward and very easy to use so it had to be the one for me. I merged both ​the​​ magazine and my blog together hoping to get the balance right both on line and in print.​ Then I slowly started my blog, it hasn’t been without its problems I must say, not being great on a computer it’s taken me time to get used to things how I want them to look, but I feel I have finally got there. Blogging is a great tool for getting out there and expressing yourself and anyone, of any age can do it.

I started blogging  when I left my 9 to 5 office job after being there for 8 years, which I felt had been holding me back from exploring the world and doing what I really loved doing blogging and sharing my experiences​, so I took a chance​. I have tried to keep my blog real and show my true life as much as possible, places I visit, food I eat, beauty products I try and clothes I buy. I always give my honest opinion and tell it as I’ve experienced it. ​Over the last 3 years I’ve travelled to over 40 destinations and it has been a great adventure, I’ve worked with some fabulous fashion houses, travelled to exotic places and met some amazing people, not to mention eaten some fantastic food and sampled the odd cocktail or two.

My blog stands for real women and real life, I’m fifty years young and living and embracing every moment. Blogging is a great tool for the smaller individuals a​s well as​ large brands, we all love to see who’s wearing what, read about the latest lipsticks and best holiday destinations to visit and by just picking up your phone its all at your finger tips.

Social Media has captured the imagination and participation of so many people, we communicate our messages, photos, videos, fashion finds to friends, family and the world. This powerful distribution channel is used by many top brands and it actually works. We use Social Media to connect, we all know that once we have the great story, a new clothes design thats all well and good,​ but then thats when the hard work begins it doesn’t distribute its self​,​ we need a vehicle and that is where blogging has come into its own. A fast and effective way of getting your brand out there for thousands to see, perfect. I’m sure blogging will continue to be successful for a long time, well I hope so ​!​