Thailand Villa Skyfall Koh Samui Maxine Tasker

Thailand Villa Skyfalls Maxine Tasker

Our first property is known to be one of the most stunning sea view villas on Samui.

I’ve been to Thailand before but never visited Koh Samui, a few years ago I stayed on the island of Krabi at the Sofitel. Now don’t get me wrong the hotel was amazing but there’s something about Asia that wills you to pick up your back pack and explore, I’m a fidget at the best of times so I find it difficult to just sit and chill. When I was invited along by Asian Luxury Villas to experience three different properties  I jumped at the chance, this sounded right up my street. Now whats great about Asian Luxury Villas is they have a portfolio of over 300 carefully selected villas to choose from. They pride themselves on the bespoke service they offer and can arrange absolutely everything for you. The properties were chosen for me to experience the variety of accommodation thats on offer on Samui. Ok back to the beginning, I flew from Heathrow on British Airways to Singapore which is a 12 hour and 20 minute flight but very comfortable, it seemed to fly by pardon the pun. I had great seats twin with extra legroom, this always makes the start of your trip more enjoyable. My husband always seems to be able to amuse himself with a book, a film or 3, me I’m so nosey I don’t sit still taking pictures out of the window, writing notes for when I land my brain never stops. We landed in Singapore and had a short hour and a half lay over, by the time we reached the next gate it was time to board. Then a short 90 min flight and we landed on the beautiful island of Koh Samui. The airports idyllic and absolutely immaculate, picture perfect from the moment you land, I would say one of the prettiest airport I have ever seen. Now I have to add we had a little problem, this is not to put you off only to let you know how efficient the airport and airline are. Because of the short stop at Singapore our suitcases did not make the flight, I was a little concerned as you can imagine. I was assisted straight away by the lovely staff at the airport, they tracked my case immediately and explained what had happened and said it would be with me in a few hours as it was just being put on the next flight, it was delivered to my villa that evening 3 hours after I landed. Now that’s what I call service, there was no queuing and explaining what had happened straight to the desk and a tap on the computer and voila she knew exactly where my luggage was.( If only I got the same service everywhere I went )  

We were met by our driver (complimentary service I must add when you book with Asian Luxury Villas) who took us to our first property “Skyfall” a short drive  just 10 mins from the airport, Skyfall is situated on private grounds “Samui Summit Estate” a gated estate maned 24 hours a day. From the outside as we approached the estate we could see this magnificent property all lit up it looked just like something out of a Bond film, four storeys high, looking more like a hotel than a villa due to its size. As we were shown inside both of us were speechless and that for me is very unusual, WOW!  Those were the words that came out of both our mouths this place was superb the design and décor was just amazing,  the view, standing  just inside the front door in the main lounge overlooking the pool and land below the views were just breath taking. I could see straight away why this villa had the name “Skyfall”, you could not see where the sky finished and the pool began. Skyfall is located in Choeng Mon, top north eastern corner of the island, situated on a hillside with panoramic views of the ocean. From the moment you walk through the doors of this amazing property it’s mind blowing, the views are superb and the detail is fantastic. It has been designed with no expense spared. This property combines both modern Thai and antique Asian furniture, making it both spacious and homely. It’s eight large bedrooms are uniquely styled all with ensuite bathrooms, satellite TV and DVD.  

Villa Skyfalls master suite

Resident staff are on hand 24/7 to make your stay even more comfortable. This amazing villa has everything you could possibly want or need, a 12 seater movie theatre, indoor bar, pool table, outside bar, infinity pool, TVs, sound system controlled through your phone, the list goes on.  

Cocktails at Fishermans Village Koh Samui

Situation wise it is perfect, you have total privacy as the property is not over looked at all yet the beautiful Choeng Mon beach is within walking distance, with its soft white sands it was hard to decide whether to stay and take in the views and enjoy the lush infinity pool or visit the beach and stop for a cocktail or two.

The staff arranged mopeds for us, delivered to our door stress free, making it easy for us to pop out and take in some of the nightlife, Bophut Fishermans village is just a fifteen minute drive away and offers a great selection of restaurants, bars and shops. This wonderful villa comes with your own private chef making it hard to tear yourself away, the food was superb. There is so much to see on Koh Samui and I needed at least another week here. The villa is four years old but looks brand new and is known to be arguably one of the most stunning sea view villas on Samui. I must say the first leg of my journey has been fabulous and Im not sure if it can get any better. But we will just have to wait and see.